6.3 Photo Assignment

1930s photo

  1. Who is shown in the photograph? in this photo it shows a 24 year old father and a young 17 year old mother with their baby.
  2. Where was it taken? North California, and taken in early 1935
  3. What is happening in the photograph? they had no money and they were hitchhiking highway 99, in California.
  4. What events or circumstances for the people in the photograph may have led up to this moment? This photo may have been used as an example to show the government young families that live in poverty.


    In this photo it shows a young family who is living in poverty or in this day considered homeless. This family hiked Winston-Salem, NC to California. The family has a young baby, as well only have two bags of luggage for 3 people. The family used to work as field laborers in Imperial Valley, California. The family seems to be well dressed after hiking to the west coast. The family moved to the coast seeking jobs, but only the father could work until they baby gets old enough to work and the mother could work as well to.


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