Promise that was Broken…

How would you like if someone promised you something and was broken for someone else to take it? I agree that it was a holocaust from my point of view as well as others most likely. I think in my opinion that European settlers should have settled on other land other than the land Lakota Sioux land. The Lakota tribe was founded in 1765, the settled the Black Hills in South Dakota before anyone else. The Lakota lost so much during that time period if benefited our generation now of 2016. In 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie was discovered but was broken later on. This treaty was an agreement between the United States, Oglala, Miniconjou, and Brule bands of Lakota people. signed on April 29, 1868 at Fort Laramie in the Wyoming Territory, guaranteeing the Lakota ownership of the Black Hills, and further land and hunting rights in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. The Powder River Country was to be henceforth closed to all whites. Ten years later 1862, came along the Homestead Act passed by Abraham Lincoln unleashed a bunch of white settlers into the Natives Land. But if you recall in 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie was passed and guaranteed the Natives their land? So therefore how could they take the land promised to them away from them? The Lakota settled on the land first. The Homestead Act passed for settlers to settle in the western land, but in the act it should have stated that settlers could not settle on the Native land. Since the Europeans settled on the Native land it led to the Great Sioux War of 1876. The Lakota was harvesting land in both North and South Dakota. The Lakota and other tribes were done wrong they were put through a war over land they were on first. How would you like if someone came to your house and told you this is their land now? Are you going to fight a war with the people or groups of people that come to take your land or give up?


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